Patrick McCarthy Construction, LLC

Biltmore Forest Parking Court

Our customer wanted to update his parking court in this Biltmore Forest house. We demolished and hauled away the old driveway, then re-graded it to the desired shape. We installed utilities, accounted for proper water drainage, then put the driveway in place. We made a new set of brick stairs to the front door, a brick threshold around the perimeter of the driveway, and a large brick threshold at the entry. After the driveway was complete, landscapers provided sod and decorative planting around the property.

This was the original driveway before demolition.

PMC removed a large amount of material during re-grading.

Re-grading was performed with excavators and skidsteer loaders.

This top view of the new parking court shows a moment before finishing and landscaping.

The bottom set of stairs was carefully constructed to match the original top set.

This large brick threshold marks the entry to the parking court.

This is a view of the finished project.

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