Patrick McCarthy Construction, LLC

Historic Montford House

Our customer bought a 1914 Montford triplex that was badly in need of repair. This building called for a complete renovation. Working closely with the Historic Resource Commission, we came up with a plan to modernize the 100-year-old building while keeping its historic character.

This triplex in Montford was built in 1914. It has three levels, each is an apartment.

The back of the building had a lower level kitchen addition.

PMC Removed the lower level apartment since it was in such bad condition. We poured new foundations and jacked the building up, correcting sagging floors.

A structural frame was built while parts of the roof are being re-framed.

The old kitchen addition was rebuilt in a square footprint, sun porches were added tot he top two levels.

Cedar shake siding was replaced around the top level by PMC carpenters. Shingles on the curved portion of the wall were soaked, then bent to fit the flare.

The interior of the top apartment features a vaulted ceiling and two large skylights.

The finished product was these three beautiful custom apartments.

The second floor kitchen features beautiful shelving and trim made from wood reclaimed from the old house.

The third floor kitchen features an array of windows that were original to the house. The windows were carefully restored and put back in their original location.

The first floor features a polished concrete floor and luxury cabinets and appliances.

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